Thermometer Shower Valve

This shower valve ensures you’re always getting your water to your temperature liking. Finally get an accurate reading of how hot, or how cold your water is.


Waterproof Notepad

We all know the best ideas or thoughts come in the shower, so what better way to jot them down than with the Aquanotes waterproof notepad? Comes with 40 sheets, ensuring all your best ideas are saved for the…


Ultimate Computer Station

It’s finally here, the ULTIMATE computer station (or as some would say, fap cave). This is the most ridiculous battle station ever built, and comes with a ridiculous price tag.


LED Temp Control Showerhead

Time to bring the party to your shower. This LED temperature controlled shower head will give you a visual on when it’s too cold or too hot. Cold is blue, and warmer is red.


Reversible Star Wars Chewie Jacket

This reversible Star Wars jacket is currently out of production. They were made by Marc Ecko and were only out for a limited time. They now pop up on Ebay from time to time, and used on Amazon. What…


Tritium Gas Key Chain

I mean, in these days, who doesn’t need a Tritium Gas Fluorescencent Key Chain? These things are a little on the pricey side, but the great glow they give is awesome. Can be used up to 100M underwater or…


Wine Preservation System

Are you a connoisseur or lover of wine? This nifty device will keep open bottles of wine fresh for days, while keeping it at a perfect serving temperature. Enjoy the simple pleasure of perfect wine all day (or night)…


LED Light Up Shoelaces

Revive any pair of shoes with these sexy LED shoelaces. They each run on a tiny battery, and get about 70 hours of usage and are two feet long.


Mass Water Balloon Loader

So this little balloon loader has been making it’s name on the internet in the past few days. A video of it’s use already went viral on youtube, and a kickstarter has been started. I can’t wait till this…


Lego USB Drive

Nowadays, everything comes in Lego form. All sorts of novelty USB drives exist, including the lego shaped USB. These are stackable, durable and are bound to spark a conversation!


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